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Artist's impression of the proposed refurbishment of the surgery.


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Patient Survey & Action Plan 2013/14

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New Information for your attention October 2013
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Closures for Training

Please note the surgery will be closed between 1 & 5pm on the following dates for training supported by Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group.  During these hours service will be provided by BADGER – ringing the normal surgery telephone number 01564 776262 will give details of who to call during those hours if you are in need of a GP prior to 5pm:

Wednesday 28th January
Thursday 5th March
Wednesday 29th April
Tuesday 30th June
Wednesday 30th September
Thursday 19th November

We moved to our new, refurbished building on 3rd November. The address is:

B93 8LH

TELEPHONE: 01564 776262 (24 HOURS)
FAX: 01564 779599


Dr S G T Watts
Dr J A Davenport
Dr D V Reid
Dr J J Markham

Dr K M Davies
Dr D A Wevill
Dr K S M Lim
Dr F Mahmood


The surgery is open Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.30pm

Online Services

You can now organise routine 10 minute GP appointments, both 'book on the day', and up to 6 weeks in advance through our “SystmOnline” Services.

‘Book on the day’ appointments are released at 8.00am every weekday morning and will enable you to book the next available appointment that day (with some 48 hours ahead) rather than you needing to make a phone call to the surgery.

You can also cancel appointments, rather than having to ring the surgery.

You can request repeat prescriptions using ‘SystmOnline’.

· To use this service you will require access to the Practices' Clinical System 'SystmOnline', so please contact the surgery in person.

· You will be given a unique username & password. Once registered, you can access SystmOnline by clicking on the large button below.

· Repeat prescriptions will still require 48 hours notice, & need to be picked up from the surgery (unless you consent for your prescription to be collected from a named pharmacy).




Dorridge did not really exist as a community until the mid-nineteenth century.
It was simply the name given to the 'ridge' of land running westwards from Knowle, and joining the top end of the present-day Grove Road and Dorridge Road.

Such few inhabitants as there were here would have consulted doctors from Knowle. The big turning point came in 1852 when the railway was built. Our station (now called Dorridge but originally called Knowle, and later Knowle and Dorridge) provided the impetus for a separate and rapidly growing community.

By 1866 Dr R N Foster of Knowle had made himself responsible for patients in the Dorridge area and in 1900 Dr J O Hollick thought it worthwhile to 'set up shop' here. The practice became fully independent in 1924.

Dr Hollick was a very colourful character, still remembered with great affection by a few of our older patients. He was a great man to hounds, and it was no good being ill if there was a local hunt in progress!

Since those early days Dorridge has, of course, grown very rapidly and is still doing so. The present building dates from the early 1960s and has already undergone three major extensions.

There is still, however, some order in the apparent chaos and we have not lost sight of our reason for being here, namely to help you.

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